Hi my name is Briella, I work as a care giver, ride horses and guide trail rides at Legacy Farm and
Stable, and sell cute puppies. I am a 4-H leader in Stevens county and help others learn about
horses. I enjoy hands on projects rather then reading to learn. In fall of 2014 I started college in
general business and have completed the degree after two and a half years and am now working on
a general AA degree to finish it in June 2018. More school is in the future to become veterinarian.

What I love to do: I love ridding my horse and learning with him. I love to tie dye and have the
finished products to be rainbow. I like to be creative and different from others that results in stand
out in a crowd, and I like my dogs and horse to standout too.

Background: My business started with selling dwarf hamsters and training ponies, then my mom got
me my own dog, Pansy when I turned 13 in 2008. I retired Pansy and she has now gone to doggy
heaven with Macchiato. I have a new poodle her name is Felicity. Look through my website to see
all my animals now and from the past.
Thunderbolt and I
Thunderbolt and I Fall Fuzzy 2015.
Spokane Sport Horse Derby
spring 2016
R.I.P July 2013 to June 2015
Thunderbolt and I
gaming 2016.
R.I.P December 2007 to August 2017
Fall Fuzzy
2017 costume
class 1st place
Hopeful HT