Youth need to know they are cared about by others and feel a sense of
connection to others in the group. This "fellowship" has always been an
important part of 4-H experience. 4-H gives youth the opportunity to feel
physically and emotionally safe while actively participating in a group.
Current research emphasizes the importance for youth to have  
opportunities for long-term consistent relationships with adults other than
parents. This research suggests that a sense of belonging may be the
single most powerful positive ingredient we can add into the lives of
children and youth.
Youth need to know that they are able to influence people and
events through decision-making and action. By exercising
independence through 4-H leadership opportunities, youth mature
in self-discipline and responsibility, learn to better understand
themselves and become independent thinkers.
To develop self-confidence youth need to feel and believe they are
capable and must experience success at solving problems and meeting
challenges. By exploring 4-H project and activities, youth mater skills to
make positive career and life choices. To do so, youth must have access
to quality research-based content and have the opportunity to learn by
doing. Youth also need a safe environment for making mistakes and
getting feed back, not just through competition but also as an on going
element of participation. Finally, youth need the breadth and depth of
topics to pursue their own interests.
4-H's  Essential Elements
4-H motto
Sensational Saturday 2012
Fall Fuzzy 2011
Youth need to feel their lives have meaning and purpose. By
participating in 4-H community service and other citizenship
activities, youth connect to communities and learn to give back to
others. It is clear that these experiences provide the foundation that
helps us understand the "big picture" of life and find purpose and
meaning. Community service projects allow 4-H club members to
see that their effort to help others is important and valuable. Youth
learn that they do not live in a secluded world, but in a global
community, that requires awareness and compassion for others
I  have become a leader in
the Summit Spirits 4-H club
in 2014. I enjoy helping
others learn and to watch
them learn and grow. My
goal is to teach others to be
more a part of the
community and make the
world a better place.
Clayton fair 2012
Our 2012 window display.
A game we did drawing a snowman blind folded.
The winner.
Secret Santa 2011
This game you carry a piece of candy on a
spoon in a relay until it is all to its destination.
Front                                         Back
Fall Fuzzy/MRSC Show  2012
Bareback equitation I got
3rd place.
Awards banquet 2012.
I got a pin and a certificate that I
was nominated outstanding teen
and our club won the window
display contest.
Swag Selling
This picture is an actual swag that my club (Summit Spirits 4-H Club) made to show what we are
selling this year. Each swag is individually made with different designs and colors. I am attempting to
raise funds for my big projects this year, such as Know Your Government in Olympia, and Horse
shows, in addition to general club project materials for these projects. I will be selling them every year
in November and December Email me if you would like one. we sell these
every year in the fall.
My 2013
presentation on
designer dogs.
KYG (Know your government) group 2013
Christmas party 2012.
Pony rides 2012
First horse practice of 2012.
Christmas party 2011.
Practicing with yarn
as reins.
Horse camp 2013
Jumping clinic taught by Elissa.
Valley fair 2013
Clayton fair 2013
Turkeys we made for the long term care
place in Chewelah.
you will have to do. It could be from
using yarn for reins, making your
horse push a ball, or play Simon says
on horseback.
Know Your Government February 2014
In the WA state
capital building.
Our bills that we took
over to Olympia.
The puzzle with
everyone's H on it.
Katie, Rebekah,
Sadie, and My  
Sensational Saturday March
2014 photography class.
Jumping clinic
April 2014
Fall Fuzzy
October 2013
Hose practices