Family and Friends 2013
Sledding with
cousins 2013.
4-H horse Practice
At horse practice you never
know what you will have to do.
It could be from using yarn for
reins, making your horse push
a ball, or play Simon says on
Crawdad catching at the
Columbia river when Rhonda
was a way Aug 2013.
Enick's 9th birthday
KYG (Know Your
Government) 2013 clothes
Awana games 2013
Daniel and
Samuel's birthday
and egg hunt.
Briella's 18th Birthday.
Putting sand in the
sand box that we built.
Awana awards
banquet 2013
Horse jumping clinic.
Christolla and
Nelson's family
day  2013.
Roller skating
for Liana's
family day.
Water park for Katie's
family day 2013.
4-H horse camp.
Valley Fair Aug
10th, 2013
All of the Summit Spirits horse
kids that came to the valley fair.
Playing at the Columbia river.
Awana camp my grade year at
Awana camp 2013.
Decorating cupcakes on Katie's
16th birthday Aug 19th, 2013
Western Gaming at Clayton
fair 2013
Showing at the Clayton
fair 2013.
Watermelon I grew.
Justus's 9th birthday.
Getting our Christmas tree.
Christmas 2013
Camping at the Gifford campground.