Button Information
The puppy for sale page
has the pups I am selling.
Pony for sale page has the
pony I trained and am selling.
Horses and ponies I've trained page has ponies
and horses I have trained and some of them I sold.
4-H page tells all of the things I
do in 4-H and what it is about.
Awards and ribbons page has ribbons and
awards I have won in 4-H shows and at fairs.
Random dog pictures I took are pictures
of dogs that I have taken and edited.
At the Columbia river has pictures of the fun time at
the river with my dog and horse and family and friends.
About me are pictures of me
and a little about me on the page.
Friends and family home page has buttons
of the pages to other pages of family and friends.
Family and friends newest  has the
most recent pictures of family and friends.
Family and friends 2013
has pictures of that year.
Family and friends 2012
has pictures of that year.
Friends and family 2010 has pictures
of that year and past years also.
Random Pictures I took are pictures I
have taken and are really good pictures.
Things I have made  has pictures of things I
have created or decorated, they are homemade.
Favorite pictures has pictures that
I like a lot and think are really cute.
Fun times has pictures of fun
events that our family had done.
Tie dying fun has pictures of the
fun of tie dying and all the mess.
Macchiato's home page has all the buttons of
pages with pictures of her which is a brown poodle.
Macchiato and more has pictures of Macchiato
and other dogs posing with her.
Macchiato Playing is pictures of her playing and
having a great time with toys and other dogs.
Just macchiato has only pictures of her
with nothing fancy just fluffy and cute.
Pansy's Home Page has all the buttons that go
to pages of her pictures. She is a cream poodle.
Pansy and More has pictures of Pansy
posing with other dogs.
Pansy Tie Dyed has pictures of Pansy
all colorful with dye.
Pansy's Family Page has pictures of her
family and relatives.
Pansy Playing has pictures of her playing
with toys and other dogs.
Just Pansy Has posing pictures
of only Pansy.